Swiss Prestige Cosmetics AG is a well established independent family owned Swiss company, founded in 1997. Swiss Prestige Cosmetics® is specialized in up-market skincare developed, elaborated and produced in Switzerland. All cosmetic brands benefit from a long history of Swiss manufacturing art and innovation made in Swiss labs.

Swiss Prestige Cosmetics® products are mainly composed of natural plant organically grown on the high pastures of the Wallis Alps and naturally fed by enriching, mineral-rich, pure Swiss glacier water from the Mont Fort Glacier. Carefully selected and picked by expert hands the moment the Alpine plants and fruits reach the perfect stage to contain just the right amount of the critical ingredients for our exclusive skin care formulas, reworked in Swiss laboratories to be beneficial for all needs of different skin types. Swiss Prestige Cosmetics® products are free of parabens and other harmful substances.

Skin – the largest of our organs – is both a shield as well as an organ that puts us in contact with the world around us.
A world that doesn’t always treat it well.  As a mirror to your soul and feelings, your skin can reflect both your joy and your sorrow. 
Prof. Dr. Günter Burg
Dermatology Specialist
              Prof. Dr. Günter Burg

           Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Burg is an internationally respected personality in dermatology and professor emeritus of the University of Zurich. Due to the fact that a healthy skin depends on prevention, protection and care in order to avoid diseases, cosmetics today is even an important topic for dermatologists.



The skincare cleaning system for deep cleaning your skin, suitable for all skin types.
Skincare cleaning system based on moisturizing and restructuring ingredients, for all skin types, particularly under stress by the daily active life and the climatic and environmental attacks. Cleanses, clarifies and smoothes the skin by toning down cutaneous imperfections, so that the skin recovers its full glow. Through its rich formulation, with the exclusive new Alpine Cellular Complex® from SPC, a combination of snow algae and organic edelweiss enriched with pure glacier water helps to fight the premature skin ageing caused by climatic and pollution aggresions.

emerald caviar

New luxurious age-fighting concept based on green caviar. This alga is a delicacy eaten on Okinawa, the Japanese island of centenarians. Green Caviar are botanical sea pearls that explain the island’s population’s unusually high life expectancy. The emerald caviar collection offers the highest quality skin care available. The collection is an alliance of nature and science that brings your skin the gift of youth.

Luana Cosmetics

The new and exclusive Swiss Essential Complex® (SEC) from SPC a combination of Apple Stem Cells, Organically grown Edelweiss, Pure Glacier Water. Luana cosmetics have a protective effect on your skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles effectively. With the exceptional composition of active ingredients the series Luana gives you a perfect skin. All Luana skincare products are paraben-free and free of formaldehyde and halogen organic compounds!

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